World Hypertension Day

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In Romania, over 7 million people suffer from high blood pressure*, will we succeed?

The Romanian Arterial Hypertension Alliance (ARCHA) in partnership with the Romanian Heart Foundation (FRI) celebrated World Hypertension Day on Saturday, May 18, in Brasov – Piata Sfatului and Sunday, May 19, in Bucharest – Piata Constitutiei .

Under the slogan “Take care of your heart – Day by Day by Day!”, ARCHA and the Romanian Heart Foundation, measured the blood pressure of over 2,000 people, determined their cardiovascular risk and distributed over 4,000 leaflets with more information on this topic.

Training sessions were held for patients diagnosed with arterial hypertension (HTA) to help them become a certified source of information for other patients – Heart Champions.

The medical societies members of ARCHA are:

The Romanian Society of Cardiology (President: Assoc. Prof. Ioan Mircea Coman, MD),
The Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders (President: Prof. Maria Moța, MD),
The Romanian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (President: Assoc. Prof. Gabriel Prada, MD),
The National Society of Family Medicine (President: Rodica Tănăsescu, MD),
The Society of Internal Medicine (President: Prof. Ion Bruckner, MD),
The Romanian Society of Nephrology (President: Prof. Eugen Moța, MD)
The Romanian Society of Neurology (President: Prof. Ovidiu Băjenaru, MD)

We have designed a very ambitious program that should lead to a 10% decrease in cardiovascular mortality. This means 15,000 Romanians could be saved annually using simple measures available to the general population.” – Prof. Dan Gaiţă, MD, President of the Romanian Heart Foundation