About us

Vision, mission, values

The Romanian Heart Foundation was founded by 1000 Romanian cardiologists, members of the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

The objective of the Foundation was to implement the national strategy for cardiovascular disease prevention and support health awareness campaigns for the Romanian public.

Shortly after being established, in May 2010, the Romania Heart Foundation (RHF) became a member of the European Heart Network (EHN), based in Brussels, the leading health advocate to the European Parliament and an authority on cardiovascular disease prevention.


Our vision is that every person in Romania may enjoy a long, active and healthy life, free of preventable cardiovascular disease – especially heart attack and stroke.


Our MISSION is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease for all the people in Romania.


The Romanian Heart Foundation has set strategic objectives, periodically revisited based on achieved results.


The Romanian Heart Foundation was established by the Romanian Society of Cardiology to alleviate suffering associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The Foundation acts independently of any political parties or economic interests.


Redirect 2% of your income tax towards the Romanian Heart Foundation for the benefit of national programs aimed at preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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FThe Romanian Heart Foundation, in partnership with the Romanian Society of Cardiology, organizes educational events and campaigns on cardiovascular disease prevention.

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The Foundation commits to offer support, respect and recognition to all who join in its efforts, as well as to those whom it represents in the community.

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