Heart house

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For a year and a half, we, both the enthusiastic group and the Sibiu patients, enjoy the existence of the Hearthouse. The initiative belongs to Professor Ioan Coman and is due to the Romanian Heart Foundation.

Since the average time given by a doctor to a sanogenetic counseling during a consultation is 49 seconds, we thought to repair this hurry by meeting with patients dedicated to these discussions. The repertoire is set up from the previous year, the program is communicated to family doctors who have the generosity of understanding the approach. We started, hesitant and excited, with ischemic heart disease. Success has prompted us to continue with high blood pressure, then with other popular cardiology themes. The question follows, “who, we?” We started out in general counseling together with a cardiologist colleague, Dr Dorin Draghici, and an internist colleague Dr Doina Arcomita. Then we co-opted in Diabetes colleagues, neurologists, nephrologists, rheumatologists. When needed, also a psychologist. The friendly audience encouraged us to continue.